Casual sexism, British-style, in the Houses of Parliament

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I hope the stand people have been taking against harassment and sexism inspires more in the UK to take a stand. Some must be, but i hope the momentum sticks and that this kind of shit will no longer be tolerated. Women deserve better, anything less is unacceptable.


Rob, I get the feeling that your predominant feeling about your country of birth is seething rage. Not that it’s unjustified, of course…

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As, I tweeted last week, I recall my housemaster’s advice when he reminded us of the rule that no boy be alone with a girl in his study “believe me boys, this is for your own safety”. I suspect that a number of parliamentary colleagues wish that they had had that advice, and taken it.

Did…did he just say that he and his fellow MPs are no more and no better than actual small schoolchildren?


Well at least he’s honest.


And quoted a 12th Century abbot’s view of women’s ‘corrupting’ influence as sensible advice for the 21st Century…


Well no, because the real punchline of that sentence is that females are lying bitches who will accuse you of sexual harassment if you even make one remark about their great tits!


These “old Boys” are good with their sly blaming of women for the offenses committed against them. It’s a bit smoother than the old “she was asking for it” routine used by the more crude dolt such as #45 .I hope to see a strong effort to call this behavior out. This hopefully will also cover men when they are the target of unwanted sexual remarks or worse from anyone. Maybe the time has come when people will call out this “privileged” behavior for the offense it really represents.

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Ahh, my very own MP!

The Right Honourable Mr Swayne is indeed a douche-nozzle, with no understanding of the modern world. I’ve had a few heated email exchanges with him over a variety of issues.

I will continue to vote against him. I would run against him, but the Pirate Party already has a candidate in the constituency - and I’m far too opinionated to be successful!


Have you ever seen Prime Minister’s Questions?

Most school children are better behaved.


And start fewer wars.

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These guys have a very low opinion of men and their ability to control themselves.

Does it really take that much self control for them not to verbally or physically sexually harass people or make crappy gender based comments?


Would “better” behavior enhance, or degrade the effectiveness of a member of parliament, or parliament as a whole?

Let’s hope he doesn’t have female children.

Depends what ‘better’ behaviour is, I suppose.

I think the bear pit atmosphere of booing and jeering the opposition regardless of whether what they are saying makes any sense and cheering your own frontbench, ditto, degrades the effectiveness of parliament.

Nothing against expressions of strongly held political convictions but that’s not what most of it is. Most of the time it’s clearly ritualised, kneejerk “Boo!” or “Hear, Hear” without any more attention being paid other than to check whether it’s one of yours or theirs doing the talking.

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Would parliament would be more effective if Jeremy Corbyn wore a proper suit and did up his tie?

Well since he does wear a number of very dapper suits and (sadly) does up his tie these days, apparently not. :slight_smile:

Would Parliament be more effective if they had enough seats for all the MPs or would it be more effective if the number of MPs were reduced to the amount the chamber has seats for?

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