UK Tory aides are circulating a list of accused sexual predators and harassers in Parliament

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Guido Fawkes
Tis true, so true.


Westminster certainly appears to be the Mother of All Parliaments; an absolute mother.

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Does the list include sexual acts with pig heads?


Maybe after video exists…

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And, as has been noted, they keep such lists this so they can effectively blackmail them into voting “correctly”.
Dontcha love a system which encourages parties to recruit morally suspect people as representatives so that they can exploit them? Makes one feel good about human nature.


And now it’s been leaked (presumably unredacted) to the Murdoch press so that an American billionaire can put pressure on the government to wave through his bid for Sky TV despite his manifest unfitness to run a media company.


As a fan of British humor in general, I just really want to know what that nickname is.

there are several things here worth noting:

This list is from the Tory whips’ office, so these are just the offenders from one party.

This could be a scoop, but I’d wait until it’s verified by someone else. Guido is a far-right crank, who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw the Empire State Building.

Oh sure, no-one is suggesting that the other parties aren’t equally culpable (Lord Rennard of the LibDems comes to mind; although no, I don’t believe there’s a massive conspiracy to cover-up a child abuse ring!)
It’s a start though - people frequently observe that Trump’s terrible behaviour leads to it being normalised; this is potentially the flip-side of that.

Let’s get one thing straight: This is a “sex pest.” The people whose identities Guido Fawkes has protected on that list are accused sexual harrassers and abusers.

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