Cat crashes a fashion show catwalk, hilarity ensues


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(Try to make it to the ~2:34 mark.)


“When you own the world, you’re always home.”
-Queens of the stoneage


Catwalk in training. Yay kitteh!



You say that like i don’t enjoy it…


Wouldn’t be the first time Turkish cats have crashed an event;

In Turkey, cat own you.


There is this old legend about the great Khan asking to be paid by a besieged city with a thousand cats and an equal amount of swallows…


I particularly like the cat’s attention to detail, wearing fur that matches the models’ black-and-white clothes.


European or African Swallow?


Are you the gatekeeper?



Or, in this case, Purr-fection.

Yes, I went there. I’m old, leave me alone.


And yet the cat still wasn’t the most ridiculous thing prancing up and down the runway.



“I’m a model, yeah you know what I mean…”


I have not heard that story; dare I ask what he wanted with cats and swallows?


Istanbul has a reputation for love of cats, and the city is just full of them. Even neater, the ancient ruins that dot western Turkey are full of cats lounging about.


“I don’t know!”


(highly recommended - it’s a lovely movie :smile_cat: )