Cat Selfie phone attachment rings a bell to get its attention

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Wow, I just have to have that.


Also on sale, band-aids, new sweaters, shirts and blouses for when your cat scratches you up while trying to hold it up for the photo.


Well, that could actually be legit useful in a first world usefulness sort of way…

But, yeah, having seen a couple of those cat biting a person’s face during a selfie videos, maybe not advisable… :thinking:


After you get its attention, you get a broken phone after the inevitable lunge to destroy reach the bell…but insurance covers that, right? :thinking::smirk_cat:

You mean it’s not an app? Sold!

The look on that cat’s face says there’s mounds of shredded toilet paper in that lady’s future.


Seems useful for a cat shelter that really has to get good looking photos of cats that may not be too cooperative.

I usually just tape a feather to the phone if necessary, but hey, I don’t usually need to set $14.50 on fire.

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  • “Do you remember that cat’s name?”
  • “No, but her face sure rings a bell.”
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