Cat sliding: sounds awful, cats love it (at least this one)




Next: cat spinning! Same idea on a slick floor, but twirl them like a propeller. If you have a large fabric covered wall (I once did) you can also play kitty darts.


I almost gave you a like, until the darts. :wink:

We used to have a cat who went through a phase where she enjoyed sliding. I don’t think this is something only the cat in the video likes.


Cats are also useful for cleaning dust bunnies out from under cabinets.


As much as I can tell that my cat likes anything at all, she likes both sliding and spinning.


Mine like to spin, I called it “wheel of fortune.”


one of the videos following the sliding cat demonstrated that you can use a racoon to clean the toilet


“Father, could there be a GOD that would let this happen?”


See, phones just can’t be used to record things sliding horizontally like this. What’s really needed is a high-end professional camera capable of “landscape” mode and other special effects.


To me, it looks like the cat loves playing the attack the hand game, then it gets slid across the floor.


Grew up with a pet raccoon – they destroy much more than they could ever clean… Miss my little bandit.


I don’t know, the cat isn’t trying to gnaw the owner’s wrist or doing any bunny-kicks, which is generally what they do in “attack the hand”. He looks pretty passive while he’s being slid.

Mine doesn’t like being slid, which is a shame 'cause he’s a long-haired cat and would make an excellent duster. :slight_smile:


My brothers and I used to get 3x that distance with our overweight Cocker Spaniel.

Our cats, no, not so much. Try it with them and they would not come back each time like that.


Oh, it’s always all fun and giggles until somebody gets a 400,000 volt static discharge.


I’ve always thought Canadians were into curling because it is the only sport you can play without having to put down your beer.


Spin the kitty is an old tradition at our house. Also invented cat hockey to clear the kitchen during dinner prep. It uses a broom (Kitties are never struck with the broom, it is used as a source of gentle chaos to create kitty scatter, often with hilarious results in the case of multiple kitties, hairy paws, and slippery tile floor).


Whenever you shoot video in portrait mode, it makes baby Jesus cry.


That actually sounded delightful.


OK, I was holding back as to not look too monstrous, but it seems I have company! Used to have a 60’s vintage white vinyl bucket swivel chair the cats favored. It could spin REALLY fast. The spinning didn’t seem to bother them much, (was amazing to see how fast their eyes flickered tracking objects) but when it stopped and they got down they would stumble sideways like a drunk. Like kryptonite for that legendary feline grace!


I used to take our cat (the crazy one) and throw him underhanded from the first floor up the stairs to the second floor. He’d reach his apogee about 12" to 18" above the second floor hallway and touch down gently. Sometimes he looked at little confused at that 0 g moment, but a lot of things confused him.