Catchy German cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" but with lyrics about Sherlock Holmes


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Late 60’s early 70’s europop covers. I love them.


I’m not sure which is funnier, the pointless close-up of their dog yawning on stage, or the extremely unenthusiastic dance moves of the crowd.


Thank you so very much for this. How especially wonderful that they provided us with glimpses of the enormous hound.

For those who don’t understand sung German, here’s an alternative in English (?)

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I should edit my post above but this brought to mind a German cover of Mas Que Nada that got renamed to Blue Monday… My German is way beyond rusty so I have no clue about the rest of the lyrics.


“Soittakaa Paranoid” Finnish for “play Paranoid” or “Free Bird”.

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I’m guessing this was West German?


Now’s the time on Sprockets when we dance!

Perhaps. Wiki puts them in Völklingen, Saarland, which is south-west of Berlin.

Greatly belated obit:

PS: The video does not support the “white people can’t dance” aphorism. But as to 70s Germans…


Sad. Paranoid is the song off the album with too many covers. Good song, not great, but easiest to cover.

I am young, but have been listening to that album for 20+ years. Every other song has more potential except for “Rat Salad”. What? I forgot that was even a song.

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Saarland is the most western state of Germany.


According to my German GF, this was a really well known Schlager pair. I’m guessing a German equivalent of Donnie & Marie / Captain & Tennille or something like that for a US reference for those of us of a certain age. Since they’re more well known for their Schlager output I doubt they have very many other Sabbath covers.


JEZUZ.FUCKING.KREIST! if you wanna see pure and real evil, there you have it!

(the dog. the DOG!)


A very hot and uncomfortable looking dog.


All alone I dance Samba as well as with you
Because at Samba I think you are close to me

Blue Monday, why did this Sunday have to end?
Why are you going away to a stranger?
and I only have the samba left

Blue Monday, and I hear footsteps passing by
But no one stops at my door
and I feel the loneliness

A city provides warmth and bright light
But for the one who is sad, one does not care

Blue Monday, why did this Sunday have to end?
Why are you going away to a stranger?
and only Samba stays with me

(not much to it; its really that generic and simple)


Now I will have to look up a translation of the Portuguese original lyrics.


The Saarland’s main function is to be used as a comparison for size.
As in ‘the oil spilled from the beached tanker covers an area as large as the Saarland’ or ‘the area of rain forests cleared with fire every day amounts to three times the size of the Saarland’.
You know, pretty much like Wales.


Important to know:
1 Saarland = 359.913,1653 soccer fields

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