Sinatra’s bastard son covers "California Über Alles" by The Dead Kennedys - while suiting up


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Fun fact: the mother of Your Humble Correspondent dated Mr Sinatra a couple times. But I’m pretty sure I’m not his bastard son. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.


Spectacular ending!


The lounge thing was done by the Dead Kennedys in the first verse of We’ve Got A Bigger Problem Now which I thought worked so well for this song…


Damn, that was fantastic.


I thought the title was referring to Satchel Farrow:

But sadly it isn’t.


Just about lost my damn mind over this slice of 90’s porn.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined Henry Fool and Artie The Strongest Man in the World doing the best Jello Biafra send up ever.

Totally made my day.


First class all the way, baby.


I love that song. I still have the vinyl!


Ha! Thanks!


Wow! Bastard and “illegitimate” in the same article? Not exactly sensitive language for the adopted and foster teens and adults that might read this article." Illegitimate" is an archaic term that had legal implications only and doesn’t need to be used in an era of DNA, single parenting, and when no child is considered illegitimate.


You know nothing, Rudy Snow.


I still find the word “bastard” hurtful, after all these years.

Technically it’s not true, because my mother arranged for a temporary marriage for the period just before through just after giving birth to me in 1961. That’s how they did it in those days.

Times have changed, I guess. But it still hurts to see that word.

“Illegitimate” is not any better; perhaps worse.


Toby Huss has been consistently hilarious in everything he’s been in. My first exposure was the “Go To Hell” promos for MTV. To this day the sentence, “I shall name you Roy!” makes me giggle like a first-grader who just heard the word “butt.”


Wasn’t he also the fake ID guy in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation?


I find that amusing that both of those were the same person.


over two decades back I used to use the ‘last call’ bit whenever it was my turn to make the ‘last call’ announcement at BW3 in Knoxville, TN.


that was so good I want to cry.


That was great. I have to confess to an embarrassing Mondegreen on this. Up until seeing this, I thought it was California, Hooverolis, a Portmanteau of Metropolis and Hoovervilles from the Great Depression. Learn something new everyday!


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