Sinatra’s bastard son covers "California Über Alles" by The Dead Kennedys - while suiting up

Oh, I was expecting to see Ronan Farrow.

Why is that none of these singers can pronounce “yber”?

We don’t have an ü in American English. In some varieties of British English the long u is something close to ü, but not exactly.

Look at the picture I posted earlier. He claims he isn’t Sinatra’s illegitimate son, but come on. Look at him. We know the truth.

But you don’t have “über” or “alles” in American English either. Yes, ok, very few americans can speak German, but if you’ve ever seen a WWII movie, chances are you’ve heard those two words?

Reminds me of a Donald E Westlake novel where the protagonist was named Künt. He spent the novel insisting his name was pronounced Koont, not Kunt. I just don’t get why americans would claim ü is pronounced oo, not y. Perhaps horror novelist Dean R Koontz knows the answer?

And if somebody could explain to me why anybody thought Uber was in any way a good name for a taxi company, feel free.


We don’t have any sound approximating ü, so we pronounce über as uber. Künt would be pronounced koont and not kynt because we don’t have an ü and our y is way different than the German y. In some varieties of British English, a long u is pronounced somewhere between German ju and German jü.

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Soon you will be as cheese… melty melty.

Is that ‘y’ pronounced as in ‘silly’, as in ‘yarn’, or as in ‘why’? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it pronounced as an American y. To me it sounds more like a shorter, deeper version of ‘ew’. But it’s hard to hear/distinguish the difference from oo if it’s not something you’re used to noticing or don’t consider distinct - the sort of difference that is likely to come from accent or dialect.


Why does no German I know (and I have two who work for me) say “Squirrel” correctly? (It is a running joke on my team.)

Why do all Germans I meet say “ideer” for “idea?”

Because different countries have different phonemes?

As folks have said, English has no sound recognized that sounds like ‘ü’ and, even hearing my German coworkers say it, it is a lot of work to make a sound that’s close enough for them to shrug as a native speaker of English. It is like asking a French person to say “theater” or any word with an English “th” sound.


NBD I think we’re over it.

Does anyone know who the drag queen is in the vid?

No but I want to know who all of those people are.

There is a list in the content:
Featuring Toby Huss with James Urbaniak, Kate Flannery, Mark Fite, Pat Healy, Audrey Deluxe, Kelly Rae Cole and the Dago5 Band, Andy Paley, Phil Small, James King, Mike Bolger, Jordan Katz, Ryan Feves, and Mark San Filippo

Ah, thanks. I missed that. ?




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“Yber” would be pronounced either “ee-ber”, “eye-ber,” or perhaps “wy-ber”. Is that what you want?

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