Catholics have more fun: baptism by squirt gun

Yes, funny, humor, I get it. With gun toys. Oh goodie.

At what point does the dumbing down of deep and important religious ritual finally trigger epiphanies about the whole enterprise?

Shoot first, and let god sort out the details.


Hey, think about what a chore it is to find that garden tool from last fall. Imagine searching the store room for stuff left over from the Great Plague.

It makes a regular appearance in Catholic masses. I forget when, exactly. At least once in the week leading up to Easter or Easter Sunday itself. They use it at funerals, too.

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They still use stuff like the aspergillums, but I wondered if they have some specialized tools buried away.

Now we’re talking!

That’s “aspergilla”.

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Guns – is there anything they CAN’T do?

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