Cauliflower pizza crust recipe


Had it. Not bad at all.


I made it. I am allergic to wheat and it was pretty delicious.
The best part, though, was that my kids ate it without a complaint!

My wife makes this regularly as one of her low-carb indulgences. It works rather well.


I don’t have a very discerning palate. If it wasn’t for the unique texture, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

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I noticed the flavor difference, but it’s not horrible by any means. This is never going to win a great crust contest (unless wheat is disallowed maybe), but it’s a perfectly reasonable substitute for people who want to cut back on carbs or gluten.

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Made it a couple nights ago. I used some pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, onions and sliced Peperoncini. I had a whole huge head of cauliflower so I made a 9x12 pan and a round crust or two. Wringing the cauliflower is key.

I’ll have to try this!

We’ve done this recipe with sauce for dipping. It’s very tasty, and even the veggiephobic 13-year-old will eat them. But riced cauliflower stinks to high heaven while you’re making it.


Great idea, but there’s a distinct and obnoxious abuse of uptalk (I think?) in this video.

Please, Mr. Narrator? Lay off the upward inflection? That would be nice? Thank you?


I’ve only made one so far, but it turned out quite well. It’s seems this is the year of the cauliflower, but of the recipes we’ve tried, only one (cauliflower popcorn) didn’t turn out quite well. Cauliflower pizza and cauliflower burgers with barbecue sauce are definitely on the “to repeat” list.

“The trick is squeezing as much water as possible out of the ground up cauliflower.”

Try cheesecloth, a towel, and two cutting boards. Wrap the cauliflower in the cheesecloth, wrap that in the towel, put that between the cutting boards.

Stand on the assembly and bounce gently up and down. I haven’t found anything that doesn’t work on yet.


Can someone actually descibre the texture and taste? I know they go over how it isn’t like conventional pizza dough but i’m a bit frustrated that no one is describing in what way. I might try it out though, my fiancee occasionally has problems with gluten in food.

Also maybe one could add another ingredient into the cauliflower “dough”? Some vegans have you add ground nuts for a bit of texture in some recipies, not sure how well that would work here. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

The one I did came out grainier and less cohesive than regular pizza dough. I don’t think you would have success making this thin crust either, but I could be wrong. It just doesn’t hold together as well as regular dough.

Flavorwise you don’t get the toasty flavors you get from properly made pizza crust. It has its own definite flavor, but you would be hard pressed to identify it as cauliflower and it doesn’t overpower the pizza.

The entire effect was one of a slightly undercooked hand tossed pizza.

I think he’s funny. Check out his “butter-potato hybrids” or “buttatos”. Or check out this one: “Potatoes, the most Irish of all ingredients. By the way, indigenous to America. You’re welcome, Ireland. I think you’ve more than made up for it by sending us all those policemen.”
It’s comedy gold.

My recollection is that it was like al dente pasta or firm cheese. The outer edges crisped up as in the photo. Whether my memory is accurate or not, it’s not a huge departure from standard crust. Any mildly adventurous diner is unlikely to be put off.

A normal pizza base is fairly low fat with minimal ingredients, though this would be useful for Coeliac sufferers it is in no way more healthy

It’s not bad, but it’s really bad as leftovers.

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I’ve had more than one cauliflower crust recipe, including one that has almond flour that turns out a lot like whole-wheat crust, but this sounds great.

If you cover and cook the cauliflower in the microwave, you don’t have to add water that you have to remove later. It might turn out more grainy, though, I’m not sure.

Since local goat cheese might as well be gold-plated based on the price, does anyone know if cream cheese or the stuff flippantly called neufchatel would work?

I absolutely refuse to believe this. Were you holding them at gunpoint?

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