CDZA: 'An intro to drums' (music video)


Radiohead as an example of rock? I dont even know what Radiohead is, but I wouldn’t call it “rock.”

The rhythm shown is rock, a band can play rock and other styles of music too.
As for labels… that’s a whole 'nother discussion.

LOL! The last time I heard someone call it a “bass drum” was 45 years ago, when our band director was introducing the jazz ensemble stage setup: “This is the bass drum, but no one ever calls it that – it’s a ‘kick drum’.” Guess he was wrong.

(Meanwhile, my nephew just popped his head in; he thinks the viddy is a fake because no one connected a USB cable.)

Fact Man’s ability to maintain that blank stare is very impressive I must say.


He’s been pithed.


(Actually he reminds me of Bob Keeshan for some reason)

Around 1:50 they could have thrown in something about the Big Four, but I didn’t remember this term myself until the other day…

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