Celebrate the deposition of Robert Mugabe with this funny ad about him being the last old-school dictator

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Their peri-peri sauce is delicious.
Who knew their marketing is also amazing?

Not using the unedited version with Mao in it, @beschizza?


Related to the video, I recently realised that the only person who is still alive on this old Spitting Image video is Arthur Scargill (and supposedly Robert Mugabe, but I don’t recognise his puppet).


Did he just become a dictator in the last four years??

“UNITED Nations secretary-general Mr Ban Ki-moon has congratulated President Mugabe on his resounding victory in the July 31 harmonised elections and subsequent inauguration as Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.” (10 October 2013)


Nah he’s been one for longer than that.


Peter Tatchell tried to citizens arrest Robert Mugabe in 1997 and 2001. The first time the British right wing press were against him because “how dare some LGBT activist try to arrest a head of state”, but the second time he had more sympathy because opinion had moved against Mugabe, and his bodyguards had beaten Tatchell so badly that his eyesight was damaged.

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Ummm… my point was that the UN congratulated him on his election “victory”?

My point is whether he is seen as a dictator by governments is based on when it is politically convenient to do so (or not).


Chickens finally coming home to roost:

Vox is of questionable reliability these days, but for what it’s worth:


The downside of being president-for-life: term limits are a bitch.

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