Chairman Mao on currency goes from sad to joyful


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Can’t wait until we can try this on Trump Bucks :open_mouth:


This reminds me of the way a traditional Korean Hahoe mask is designed to exaggerate emotion, so depending on body language and viewing angle the same face can convey either great joy or great sorrow.


That gif. Omg. I almost lost it at work.


Right at the end there he gets those Cosby-Jello-Eyes. Be careful


At first I was like…

And then I was like…


Before Boba Fetts

After Boba Fetts.


“You don’t want to see what I’m like when I’m happy!”


This used to work well with Canadian currency. HRH Queen Elizabeth grinning or Sir Wilfred Laurier sad to find out he isn’t Canada’s most popular PM. However, now the portraits are looking a little to sidelong for the effect to work as well. Pity.


$3 denomination?


Hamilton before the musical, when no one knew who he was, and after the musical:


I’m thinking $1,000 bill. Trump wouldn’t want his face on anything less. But it will only be worth what $3 buys you today.


He seems more like a commemorative coin kind of guy to me. One of those US Mint things that your grandchildren will surely treasure.


I buy Trump Bucks by the roll. Often, by the 24-pack of rolls.


A needs to be a gold-tone plated coin. Something flashy with no real value, like Trump, only it won’t just grab your pussy, so, better than Trump. (What isn’t?)


100% 24kt gold guaranteed*

guarantee only applies to the thin layer of gilding around the cheap iron core of the coin


Maybe just gold-toned in the hair and tan areas, nickel elsewhere.


Probably needs to be some sort of Janus coin with two faces…

Or maybe just trump’s face and a mirror…



Sorry, minimum order is 1000:


As if anyone would try to sell that…

£89.95, reduced to £4.95!