Kickstarting a Trump Tower Collusion Meeting commemorative coin


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We’re gonna need a belt.


How can something so bizarre looking and undeniably incoherent be so damn appropriate. Reminds me of the surrealism writers and artists in the old Soviet Bloc countries had to fall back on.


Is that the one with the “666” address? Because it seems… relevant… to the design.


No, Trump Tower is a different building. Same city.

And I remember when the coins first came out to commmemorate Trump’s historic meeting with Kim, which was immediately cancelled. Good times!


I don’t know that there has ever been a coin more worthy of a TV infomercial than this. But unless it is made from tarrifed steel I’m not buying


Exonumia and not a coin, strictly speaking.


WIsh the detail of the coin wasn’t so coarse, or I might actually have bought one.

Loved the background music of the ad (Russian/Soviet national anthem).


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