Chambong: for rapidly ingesting beverages


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An amateurs device if I ever saw one.


There is no room for amateurs in the drug culture.


wasn’t even good bubbly


Wimps! Pop that cork and chug it!


Because I want to shotgun champagne cause I know the ending will be so pretty.


That gives me heartburn just watching it.


That’s somewhat of a consolation, actually.


This will come in handy for when I’m dehydrated and need to replenish water quickly . . .

. . . after a night of drinking wayyyyy too much alcohol with the very same Chambong.


…whose flavors you don’t enjoy, apparently.


I don’t understand. It appears to hold about a mouthful. One of the hot gurls clearly fills her mouth and then swallows. How is that different to just using a glass? Maybe if you put your thumb over the end and filled the whole thing. But that still looks like less than a mouthful. Not having tried it, I have only cynicism and ignorance to guide me, but how is this better than sake or slammers?

And isn’t the USP of a bong that the smoke is passed through water? That’s not that easy or useful with champagne. This is more like a chillum. In fact, given its size and shape, that might be an extravagant use for it, even if the thinness of the glass would cause burnt fingers.


Don’t confuse a water pipe with an alcohol funnel.


The name alone made me look at this.
Don’t bogart the “Chambong” my friend!


a reference to doonesbury, or to what doonesbury was referencing, or what?


Removing the cork first is too much for some folks, so they are selling this solution:


I wonder how it would handle sparkling wine under pressure? Also … it’s no fun if someone doesn’t get the cork in the eye.


Based on the safety page, they are more worried about glass in the eye! :dizzy_face:

I’ll stick with a corkscrew and my trusty “champagne cork shield” (dish towel).




Everyone knows that this thing is stupid.
Whoever made it knows it’s stupid.
The people in the video know that it’s stupid.
And, the people who watch the video know that it’s stupid.

Thus begins a recursive spiral into chaos and destruction.
See you all on the other side… if there is another side.


All the idiocy of a beer helmet, but in a more breakable form.