Charles Phoenix's outrageous Cherpumple dessert concept will be a parade float


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I see a trap door - is that so a stripper can pop out? Or a legion of Greek hoplites?


It’s the vomitorium for those who have gorged themselves on too much Cherpumple.


You keep using that word…


Hopefully this will finally end the sectarian violence between cake and pie people.


“Them cake folk are trying to take our pies!”

“Them pie folk are trying to corrupt our cake!”

And so the Cherpumple Dessert flash point was ignited and Dessert Storm began!


A comment on the instagram post suggested it’s a pie hole, and now I’m going to spend the rest of the day being mad I didn’t think of that.


Okay, I admit maybe they’d be too fat to fit.


Wait, is it a float or a soda?



That’s a diabetic coma waiting to happen.


I would happily eat it though. Mmmm diabetes.


Dessert-agnostic me, sadly: “Four good desserts, ruined.”


Gross. Really.


When exactly did American food become an arms race? You want pie? Here’s three, inside a cake! You want a burger? Here’s a 8-layer monstrosity you can’t even lift, nevermind get in your face. Now watch Joey Chesnutt eat five day’s worth of fat in 5 minutes, yum yum.

It’s just gross, is all. I know you can’t legislate taste and restraint, but, Christ, I wish you could.


That would require a great legislator… the greatest…


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