Charlottesville: Brave Students Protest Nazi Rally


I’m torn between notzees and !zs



As far as I’m concerned if you’re willing to march alongside someone carrying a Nazi flag then you deserve the label. I don’t believe for a second that any of those beswastikad assholes would have been welcomed or tolerated if they tried to join a Black Lives Matter rally or the Women’s March.


I’m not sure how much it really matters that they know the history since the word is self-explanatory, but I’m struck by how uninformed so many people today are of where the terms anti-fascism and antifa come from. It’s strange to hear some of them rejecting a term used proudly by European resistance fighters since well before the US entered WWII, all the way through the British Punk movement’s adoption of it in their efforts to push racists out of their scenes.


Someone in the comments on that article you linked to asked Do we really need a label? Well, no, no one needs a label, though it is useful to have a common identifier for a cause. But I actually think it’s more important to be aware that the fascists never go away, and people have been and will have to stay vigilant. Maybe I’m just getting old.


I still can’t get over how many Americans seem to think “fascist” and “anti-fascist” are equally bad. Like, who wouldn’t want to be identified as an opponent of fascism?


Peter Cvjetanovic, the fellow with the neo-Nazi haircut and wearing the neo-Nazi polo shirt uniform and carrying a torch and yelling at the neo-Nazi rally would like everyone to know he is not a neo-Nazi.

UNR student who attended white nationalist rally resigns from campus job

Oh I agree if the shoe fits and it quacks like a duck its a Nazi.

It would be nice if some of them woke up. But I am not holding my breath.


Probably for the same reason they’re failures who can’t admit to their own failings and can’t/won’t accept history; third-rate intellects.


Getting old? Not necessarily. But, for any kind of fair and just future, we need the young to be vigilant.


Oh they know what they are. They just don’t think they’ve become mainstream enough yet to openly declare their true allegiance. They look forward to that day.


Exactly. I’m struck by how many of the Nazi’s are twenty-somethings. The resistance needs their peers to stand up to them. The mantle has to be shared and passed down. That’s why these student protests gave me more hope than I’ve had all year.


Anti-facist rednecks? That’s a new one on me.


Even some twenty-somethings can be imbeciles. Thank goodness they are vastly outnumbered. I wish you knew the wonderful, bright young twenty-somethings I’m proud and delighted to work with.


Fine by me. I’ve known plenty of rednecks who weren’t racists. And when used as an insult, I’ve always felt the word redneck was a classicist classist slur against rural people. I’ve never liked slurs that invoked poverty or place.


When did classicism start being used instead of classism? It’s not just you, I’ve seen it in several other places recently.

I know that more than a few classicists are also classist, but they are two very different things.

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Oops :upside_down_face:

Probably auto-correct or, like me, prone to typos.


“It’s just out of context!!”


Or alternately “if the jackboot fits and it steps like a goose.”


Just thought we needed this gif here…



OTOH, slurs that involve yo momma…