Chart explains what to do with odd vegetables

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Very useful for anyone with a CSA.

With broccoli rabe, my favorite thing is to sautee them and put them into a tomato-based sausage pasta. Their bitterness goes really well with the slight sweetness of a rich pasta sauce.

I’ll have to try out their other options, though.

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It didn’t help me…

I think that my only option is to try burning it with fire!


We cook a lot so I’ll add some favorites with the existing stuff in the matrix -

Carrots are great when roasted whole or in big chunks with brussels sprouts and potatoes. Get them all to a relatively even thickness and toss with oil and vinegar and garlic. Whatever else you might like to season.
Roast on a high rack to direct some of that heat to brown well. Test after about 20 minutes @ 450.

Leeks go really well in a frittata, something that is good any time of day and is easy to make.
Take some cooked, whole potatoes and slice about a quarter inch thick. Slice cleaned leeks the same thickness and brown both together in olive oil (with salt and pepper) in a pan that can go under the broiler. Some tough non-sticks will do fine, otherwise a well-seasoned cast iron works great. If you’re into meat, some pancetta would be nice.
Wisk 4 to 6 eggs in a bowl and pour over into the pan. Lower heat and poke around till it starts to set.
Sprinkle top with feta and put under the broiler till it’s fully set and a little brown.

Eggplant slices work outstanding in lasagna - for a fully vegetable one, use some sliced zucchini as well.

Fennel shaved on a mandolin can be made into a salad with not much else - other than a simple vinaigrette - but also can be made into one with other greens. Arugula is a good one.

Shave some red cabbage really thin and use for a topping on fish tacos.

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With eggplant, especially larger Italian style variety, give this a try.

Slice the eggplant then generously salt them
Let them sit for a couple hours as they expel the bitter components, soak them in water for five minutes, then literally squeeze them like a sponge.

Gets rid of most of the bitter and astringent flavors.


I’ve been seeing these “carrots” in my grocery store forever now. Now I know what to do with them. Here’s an even better application:

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I went to a bar one time that had vodka infused with these.
Not my thing, though…

I thought that was funny too :smile:

Glazed carrots!

The jacque Pepin recipe is about a third of the way down.

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Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!


That’s what it sounded like when I tried boiling it.


Those are some odd veggies… what the hell are these “carrots” they speak of?


I thought charred red cabbage was an accidental thing my roommates constantly do because they are terrible cooks. Yet this chart claims it’s a thing!? I love me some cabbage but burnt, it smells liked singed ass hair.

Yeah, I dont like burnt cabbage either, but lightly grilled then served with a vinaigrette is quite nice.


Try this recipe. The Thai version is the fucking bomb:

I haven’t actually tried it on the grill yet, but a combination of super-hot, dry cast iron pan, and an additional little time under the broiler work great.


I think those are called a “buddha’s hand” a citrus fruit. I think they’re most used for zesting, in drinks as @sdmikev said he had, and you can apparently candy them:

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On a related note, this is the best way to make sprouts evar

And it is super easy.

Slice them in half, coat with oil (not that disgusting olive oil stuff, but something good like grapeseed). Lightly salt.

Place cut side downin your Griswald cast iron skillet that has been preheated on medium to medium plus heat.

Do not move them!! at all!! no touchy!

When the tops are bright green, test one for doneness. If acceptable, remove pan from heat, count to ten, then drizzle a nice amount of balsamic vinegar on the sprouts.

Serve with bread, a light cold cheese, and hard cider.

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Every square in that grid should just read, “Throw it out and cook something decent.”

You could grill rusty nails on a Griswald and they’d be super tasty.

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