Chatbots are overtaking me

OK so chatbots - real thing. About to go live all over the place. Cool - and, like, didn’t see it coming.

OK I’m not 10 years old anymore - but I’ve always been used to keeping pace with tech. But what is “messaging app KIK” and where’d it come from, to have 275m users?!?!?

Check it out:

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They’re Canadian. Then there’s whatapp and that one that deleted stuff after 24 hours, etc etc etc.

And Slack is for serious adults, and apparently people really use Trello… to plan weddings, even?


KIK has been around for quite awhile. I haven’t gotten KIK because no one I know has one and it seemed like it would be Instagram all over again for me. Which was like Snapchat for the same reasons.

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