Cheap window film fills my home with trippy light

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Why are you taunting me!?! I’ve been on a months-long quest to replace the peeling window cling in our bathroom and have yet to commit though I’ve read way too many reviews. I thought I was all set numerous times only to read a random review that burst my bubble.

Seriously, though I love these refractive ones, but Mrs Peas hates chaotic patterns, so they’re out. We’ve got little faceted spheres in a few windows and the afternoon light throwing rainbows all over is a delight.


I got this stuff, which is more expensive but produced results like this:



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Cool. What’s it like on a Starry Night?



Huh huh … Rabbitgoo

Love this stuff. I also live in an urban 1900s craftsman. Neighbors (with identical houses) are <6’ on either side. This stuff is stylish, lets light come in while maintaining privacy, and gives each room a different bit of style depending on the window film chosen.

There’s a style of suncatcher that would go well with these. I’m not sure what they’ve called, but if you search for Axicon you can find a picture. They are pricey at around $20, but produce a full $20 worth of rainbows.

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