Check out Chris Burden's massive kinetic sculpture of a model car track

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taken as a fun model that looks cool, it’s cool. put it in the science museum. taken as a museum installation that is an artist’s reflection and comment on humanity? smh tbh, fam.

cars are cancer. their infrastructure is cancer. in LA particularly, the freeways were built to physically enforce the redlining zoning practices that kept neighborhoods separate by race, for just the most egregious example of why. and here’s a guy unironically glorifying this in a neat-o kinetic sculpture because he realizes we might (fingers crossed but I doubt it) finally be getting rid of cancer? “I get excited when my cars reach 200mph because that should be how it is in real life not the 20mph my fucking BMW tells me I’m averaging”? you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

of course this guy drives drove a BMW.


“Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA)”

We’re accepting of everyone here in L.Á., we’re not much of a country town tho’ . . .

Well, this guy doesn’t drive a BMW anymore. He died in 2015.

good catch. fix’d.

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