Check out deals on cool wallets that’ll make perfect holiday gifts for anyone on your list

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I ordered both the “Bryan” wallet and the “Adams” wallet, but they accidentally sent me the “Bryan Adams” wallet.
The warranty expired in the Summer of '69.


Oh, I hope the LockPickingLawyer gets a Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics and Bluetooth for Christmas!


A word of warning.

It may be too late for mail order Christmas shopping. I placed an order on Dec 9th, and the arrival date is Jan 9\th. Maybe if I was Prime, it would be sooner, but I suspect it’s a busy time, on top of a busy year.

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“…it’s a personalized distillation of you in a small leather enclosure.”

Oh really?

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“Right now, you can help reshape someone’s entire concept of their own identity with a cool new wallet this holiday season.”

So, this would help de-program captives of the Trump Cult?

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