Check out how they made "Arcane" in the first episode of "Bridging the Rift"

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Everything about the show is so high-quality: story, music, dialogue, acting, animation… My spouse & I went in with no expectations and were surprised to find one of the best shows ever made.


I don’t care for the game and wasn’t at all interested. But my spouse asked me to try it and I’m glad I did. So well done. I particularly loved the integration of the music and animation. If you haven’t checked out the video for Imagine Dragons Enemies, I recommend it. The same team animated the video


I’ve never played League of Legends, and hearing that Arcane was based off of it didn’t inspire me to watch it at all. But I was stuck home with covid and checked it out anyway. Holy cow! It’s amazeballs!


Found by accident. Our gaming group plays WarMachine, and if we were lazy, could steal plotlines from this series for days. Good fun!

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I prefer Tripping the Rift.

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I have attempted LoL (the game proper) before and couldn’t get into it. But I’ve really enjoyed some of the LoL collateral media, like KDA (the K-Pop-ish virutal “group”) and now the Arcane series. What more can be said about the stunning visuals of Arcane and it’s great story?

As for “Bridiging the Rift”, it feels way too self-serious to me. I know there’s a lot riding on being careful not to tarnish an IP. But it’s just a cartoon based on a video game, which the documentary frames as though it’s an important achievement in modern history. Even if it proves to be a culturally significant achivement one day in the future, that would be a status given to it by others, not self-assigned acclaim before the product is even finished.

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