Take a look at the artistic brilliance of Arcane's animation

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Netflix Original Series Jinx GIF by League of Legends


Okay. Sold. Gotta watch this now, that was spectacular. No dialogue and tons of mood, story telling, and really gorgeous animation.


Fair warning, as well as some fantasy/sci-fi inflected stop and frisk, this video also features a large bug unexpectedly crawling out of someone’s mouth at about 00:01:00, in case anyone would rather not.

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That was actually a pretty cute bug.

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Arcane was amazing. The painterly style, the steampunk+magic (hexpunk?) world-building, the exceptional voice acting, just all around great. I want more, though I hope the makers have an end goal in mind. They know how to tell a story; I hope they know how to end one.


Well, what I love about the show is that Piltover is only one section of Runeterra- the broader continent in Leauge of Legends. I’m not a LoL fan by any means, but Arcane made me investigate the lore of the franchise, and, suffice to say, we have some awesome stuff ahead.

What’s even more inspiring is watching the character cinematics for the Arcane cast from LoL and seeing how consistent they are with the rest of the series. They had this whole story planned YEARS ago and abstained from sharing the details until now.

Like, check out Ekko’s cinematic and you can see a memorial for certain characters from Arcane. The characters in the memorial have ZERO significance in LoL, and didn’t gain any until Arcane.

I loved seeing that one character was voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo, who also plays Chrisjen Avasarala in The Expanse. She’s great at doing tough characters that don’t take any crap. Unfortunately she didn’t end up having a huge role in the show though.


Watched all but the last 2 episodes (holding off until a friend can come by and we can watch with him). Good stuff.

She’s a selectable voice on this AI bot: Uberduck

Now I just need to work out how to pipe it into Google Maps so Shohreh can tell me where to find the pizza shop!

Ooohhhh! I’d pay good money to use that as my AI voice in Elite Dangerous!

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Very cool. For some reason, even the first second of footage of the girl walking through the doorway made me think it had to be rotoscoped.


I’m not sure why, since it’s such a simple piece of animation, but there’s something about the weight of the walk, and the way she moves through 3D space, that just doesn’t look like a normal, even well-animated cartoon.

Obviously it’s made on a computer and not rotoscoped, but still very cool.

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I thought this Honest Trailers review of the show was pretty accurate. It was a lot more positive than most Honest Trailers videos and noted that the show was a lot better than it had any right to be, given the source material. It specifically gave a shout out to the French animators.

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I loved this trailer.

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