Check out Kubrick's marked-up screenplay copy of The Shining

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Dare i take a glimpse into the mind of a genius? Of course i do!


Interesting… Stephen King famously dislikes the way Kubrick handled the adaptation, and Kubrick went through the book he wanted to adapt to film “notating passages that inspired him” and “crossing out sections he found silly.”

When I studied art and design at university in the 1980s we were constantly taught in a number of ways that the job of an artist and designer is “selection and emphasis.” A few of the professors in the department were gaga over Kubrick’s adaptation. “Jut go watch it, this film is pure design!”


Well, the visuals are pretty great.

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They definitely are. The reason I mentioned it is to share how the same professors who taught us about the principle of selection and emphasis in art and design saw it demonstrated throughout that film by his visual choices. I’m a Kubrick fan myself.


Back when it was called The Shinning and the line was “Here is John”

(and yes, I know even the correct line was not in the scripts and was ad-libbed, but I always like to be able to refer back to other posts when making a joke on a different post)

perhaps a few more pages would reveal how Kubrick got it all wrong, and why King had to have a new adaptation made.

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