Check out the new Beavis and Butt-Head

I kind of hated the show. But somehow the film was pretty enjoyable.

I’d be willing to give it a go. Honestly, after having watched Don’t Look Up, any more fiction which is used to describe our current political strife I am not sure I have the energy for.


Me too! We were the first people in the area to get it simply because we lived next to the radio station they had the satellite or whatever mounted on. It couldn’t have been as early as the premier broadcast, but very soon after. Of course, all I watched at that point was Nickelodeon, arguably more culturally impactful than MTV and still relevant today.

Also, it was on a 13 channel tv, which you could “tune” to pick up the scrambled HBO signal. I remember watching “Flowers in the Attic” that way.


I distinctly remember the premiere broadcast, replete with a whopping four whole videos, a bunch of cool, new wave animations, and absolutely NO commercials.


We had a lot of these things fairly early. Since we were in the NY Metro Area, and had stolen cable. Though MTV’s launch was a bit before I existed.

A lot of your early cable networks and operators were based in and around NYC, so they were often first available nearby. Same goes for early launches of FOX, and then later UPN/WB. Broadcast was mostly NYC based until sometime in the 00s.

From what I recall though MTV was only available in parts of NJ when it launched and ran the first broadcast. Though I suspect they re-ran that first broadcast as they rolled out to new areas.

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