Check out this fandom-themed short film from promising young director, Yulin Kuang

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Nope, the excitement level is entirely based on the quality of their work, regardless of surface hue or type of naughty bits.

The comma after “director” is unnecessary, awkward and wrong. See “restrictive and non-restrictive clauses”

Yay! I’ve been shamelessly promoting Ms. Kuang’s work since I first saw I Ship It, and perhaps she can enjoy a Boing-Boing bump. I joined her Patereon based entirely on this short. Her’s is voice we definitely need to hear more from.

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Unless you are someone who is excited to see more young women of colour getting into the business.


So you’d still be excited if she was an incompetent hack?

Allow me to run this down for you.

A person who was not me indicated they were excited to see more women of colour getting into the directing business. You questioned why that first person should even hold that view, stating that one should only get excited about the content of the artists work. I then went on to point out that the person who is excited by something is excited by it because of personal reasons implying their excitement is not open to a foundless negation by some other 3rd party.

You are now attributing an emotion expressed by another person to me and I am writing back to a complete ass.

Yeah, not sure why you’re replying when I’m clearly trying to get a response from OP…

This is not a reply to you. Even though it is. In a public space designed for discourse. Where many people may read and reply to comments. Which you read and then replied to, and not just to OP, also to me.

Ninja edit, this is now a gif frenzy, expect more

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