Check out this rough version of the Futurama pilot

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We can only hope that remains true with the upcoming Hulu revival as well.

Most of the existing episodes were indeed great, but there were definitely a few “meh” episodes in the mix as well. I’d hate to see the show go the way of The Simpsons where it keeps going on indefinitely even after running out of good ideas.


So that mysterious shadow was always there even in the animatic stage. I’ve been wondering all these years if it was a retcon that was added after the first airing and I was being clever for remembering the difference.


“I don’t know how you did that!”

I first watched the pilot on a VHS tape a buddy brought to Japan when I’d already been there for a year or so (thank goodness Japan was also NTSC). I was already digging the ep, but that one line cemented my eternal fandom.


Yeah one of the most impressive things about the show was how far ahead they planned some of the big plot twists that they held onto until several seasons in, like “exactly how and why did Fry get frozen for a thousand years?” and “where did Leela come from”?


I’ve always been a fan, as least as much as I am a fan of the Simpsons, but possibly my avatar was a giveaway…


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