Check out Tucker Carlson's clean, dustless workshop full of unused products

Eh, don’t be so critical. I have never once watch this man and care nothing about how he spends his spare time.
By the way, I do see some errant sawdust right next to that one bench vise and there is a real metal coffee can under the bench.



To @gracchus’s point the “attempt to signal seriousness and intellectualism” is strong with that squad of cheerleaders. (Hard not to chuckle at that!)

In Virginia the prep school world is rife with this type of projection. From lower schools all the way thru the colleges. I have a trumper cousin in law who went though this circuit and could be a spitting image of Tucker today. Part of the faux Gun and Garden set, he refers to pants as “drawers” and rap music as “noise colored people make” (a Thanksgiving dinner quote from him). The guy lives in a house his parents gave him and works at a job that was also handed to him. He is Tucker’s audience.

Oh, and he also wears bow ties.


I was looking for other jewellery myself. Great way to make that watch etc. more expensive and less useful.

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Matt Gaetz?


My family lean more toward the sorts Tucker is trying to appeal to with this picture, so his bi-modal audience of prep school conservatives and hateful backwoods types is fully covered between the two of us.


Oh there’s more. There appears to be a single chisel. Blade down. In a cup. With three identical hobby knives and pens on the shelf above the “work bench”.

This is my question. Where is the stuff. Even clean shops have stuff. There doesn’t seem to be enough here to hook up a garden hose. None the less make or repair anything.

I have no trouble believing Tucker Carlson has a sad, ersatz “shop” at home where he goes to drink and feel spiteful things about his wife.

But just the emptiness of that room makes it clear that they, or the magazine, hired a set dresser.

It looks like the sort of things thrown together for brief shots on sitcoms. Or assembled and disassembled for photo shoots.

It’s probably some corner of his studio or the sound stages out in LI City Queens.

It’s like neck beards and brim hats. Before NBA players made them stylish again, they were mostly considered old fashioned. And mostly associated seen on certain types of engineers and academics.

The Carlson sort of privileged, white, wanna be intellectual tends to adopt a deliberately outdated style as a sort of statement about supposed erosion of social values.

More formal than the context would call for. Suits and ties every day. Bow ties and brim hats. Never show your ankles, oh god who would wear a t-shirt in public.

Along with a class based affectation. People think this is how old money Americans, “pure blooded”, dress and conduct themselves.

I went to highschool with knobs like this. Some of them even affected a Mid-Atlantic accent. Claiming it was “correct” pronunciation, and regional accents (also “ebonics”) were destroying America.

Carlson seems to be the reason it is recently a broader thing. But it’s been a runner among William F Buckley fetishists for a while.

He’s exactly that sort of knob to begin with. But I suspect he barrels into it to help sell himself to the rubes.


Ha! This is so true. You could tell him he’s in a good manufacturing plant and he’d believe you.

Haha thank you. They’re a great product.

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She got the work bench in the divorce :confused:
I don’t have room for one right now… but maybe when I move.

I did say that for sure, I want my Grandpa’s vice back later. It’s name is “The Colombian”.


He has a “camp” about an hour away from where I am here in Maine. It’s on a lake, not the ocean, but still I’m guessing the buoy is a shout out to his “rural” connection.
I also noticed the, are they license plates bent into boxes? It’s like the production crew were standing around and asking, “what else do you see in workshops?” “I think I’ve seen license plates?” “No more wall space, make ‘em stand up.”



It is a tourniquet to keep too much oxygenated blood from reaching their brains.


Drawknife (upper right), not sharpened in three generations.


The lobster trap is the true dead giveaway that this workshop is staged. I assume this is his Maine house and he had to have gotten that at a flea market or antique shop. His house isn’t near the ocean, and you don’t general store/keep one unless you’re lobstering. The whole picture reaks of “posing like a manly man.”

Just call him a poser, it’s fitting. Another silver spoon up the ass rich racist pretending to be a man of the people.


Another piece of evidence in the long line of right-wing “manly man” cosplay.


I am gifted/cursed with 3 workshops - one in my garage, one at my business, and one at my job. The last one is relatively tidy.

Whenever I am working on something and need a tool, I know exactly where it is - at one of the other workbenches. It’s to the point I’ve started buying duplicates just to save making endless stupid trips. Because when I go pick up the drill of course I forget to grab the 2 1/2 " screws, or the angle square or whatever. So then I have to go back.


Personal favourite: the 2-gallon plastic jug (bucket?) marked “Phillips woods screws”. Tee-hee.


In my book, bow ties are only acceptable if you’re 1) Pee Wee Herman 2) Orville Redenbacher 3) over 90 years old. Any others (conservatives, hipsters etc.) look pretty ridiculous wearing them, unless it’s a tuxedo, of course.


He looks like he’s been given a time out here and isn’t happy about it one bit.