Check out Tucker Carlson's clean, dustless workshop full of unused products

Isn’t that the definition of a conservative, in spirit if not age?


Probably wouldn’t fit in the cup.

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He needs to bleed for that.

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You know W was one of those Yale cheerleaders too:

I think the picture is actually from his high school where he was head cheerleader, but he was also a cheerleader at Yale


Which no one does recreationally.


Same. I despise Tucker as much as the next person, but the details in this critique don’t strike me as very telling. I agree that it looks like the maid has cleaned it up, and the empty artsy-crafty toolbox is silly. But what is meaningful about having an ordinary, recently purchased Folger’s can instead of an ‘heirloom’ Folger’s can passed down through the generations or a tape measure with the price tag on it?


He is looking around quite perplexed at all this stuff, as if he’s never seen any of it before and is trying to figure out where to start.

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Yeah, there are plenty of valid reasons to dislike Tucker Carlson, but if I’m going to ask that he be fair to people he hates I have to try and be fair to him.

I would bet a chicken dinner that he can’t fix a lawnmower or make a presentable spice rack, possibly he could sharpen a chainsaw blade (easy enough) but I don’t know and don’t need to know anything about his personal life to know that he is doing great harm to this world every time he opens his mouth.

So I would welcome him spending more time in his workshop than brainstorming ways to invent outrage.


It’s a fair point, but it also speaks to his need to try and “be one of the guys” and hide his rich racist roots. He could have posed in his house in a regular outfit, but choose to cosplay as a workshop enthusiast when it’s literally never before been a part of his schtick.


Gimme an S!
Gimme a T!
Gimme an R!
Gimme an A!
Gimme a T!
Gimme an E!
Gimme a G!
Gimme a…oh, damn, what comes next? Now I have to start over.


The only actual stock in the shop appears be a suspiciously small board stored in an otherwise empty military style tote behind him.

All of the wood workers I know do that.


Etsywood… well, I needed to clean my screen anyway.

This reminds me of the old SNL bit “The Anal Retentive Carpenter” (miss you Phil Hartman)

He should buy a lathe (LOL!), then wear a red too long regular tie and ‘shop slippers’


I’m surprised he hasn’t pulled out all the stops and gone full “Cracker Barrel” yet.


if only it were that simple, right?

unfortunately his manufactured outrage and weaponized fake news - fake enough that a court has decided no reasonable person would believe it to be fact ( a judgment on his workshop still outstanding ) - it affects us all regardless of whether we watch or not

ex. i didn’t vote for trump, and he still separated children from their parents and we still haven’t made some of those families whole again

it just highlights how it’s for show.

the reason you have an old coffee can is not because you went and got one, it’s because it’s been accumulating things since before triple mocha lattes were a thing

lightweight plastic that would tip over when you brush against it would not be a goto choice for a replacement

what person doesn’t have some honest hobby or passion or interest in their life? what kind of person has to manufacture the appearance of one to be liked?


Speak for yourself


I wear them when I have to when I teach children so when I bend over to help them with their laptop or project my tie isn’t hitting them in their faces.


look like berkinstok clogs - awfully crunchy for the likes of him

Nice that he repurposed an “auxiliary residential structure” on his plantation.

Two things: I don’t allow that cheap grey cheap duct tape anywhere near my shit.

His panel is against code - too low to the ground, and there’s stuff in front of it… floor needs to be kept clear.



I’ll believe him once he loses a finger by accident.