Chef Angela Dimayuga issues the perfect rejection of Ivanka Trump’s lifestyle brand


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That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever read.


There’s nothing better I could add to that article than the image you posted. Thank you, Chef, for your openness, honesty, and quite frankly the bravery it takes to speak truth to power.


Bravo Chef!


Playing Life on the hardest setting.


“… how you confidently developed you dynamic food vision and brought it to reality.”



I would have been too tempted to throw in some zingers:

“Please explain: how do chants of “LOCK HER UP!” and t-shirts that say “Grab Her By The Pussy” empower women?”

“So let’s get this straight: female running a business = OK. Female running for President = bad.”




“Next on QVC we have 5000 lots of Ivanka Burn Cream.”


Won’t she need all that for herself? :wink:


Ms. Dimayuga was already getting uncomfortably close to blood corruption, and a lot of Americans​ don’t like that sort of thing. She was wise to stay classy, if you know what I mean.


That was a great response. I like how she didn’t single-out Ivanka as being the problem but rather the Trump name itself. The Xenophobic Sweet Potato has driven his brand into the ground and has dragged his family with it. I never had a problem with Ivanka or her husband prior to the election; they seem like smart and reasonable people. I don’t have an issue with Melania either, apart from her questionable taste in men. It’s mind-boggling that the dumbest and thinnest-skinned person in that family is the one calling the shots. What will this country (or world for that matter) look like in four years? Will there be anything left?


I like her response here for sure.

May I suggest that the accompanying picture be changed out for one of Ms. Dimayuga, who is much more deserving of the props and publicity?


Powerfully compact, profound, and touching all the bases. I’d call that the ‘Gettysburg Address of All Protest Declarations’.


Thinking the same thing here!


“If you study and work hard, someday you too can become your father’s unpaid assistant!”



Nicely put.


And what do her male siblings make doing the same job?


Yeah, but they’ve got families to support. /s