Chelsea Manning publishes a 129-page surveillance reform bill from her cell in Leavenworth


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It doesn’t matter. Manning doesn’t fund anybody’s campaign.


Many a scapegoat have inked a manifesto from behind bars, few ever get that day in court though they so desperately deserve.


35 years. 35 fucken years. Hey, how much time did Dickwad Cheney get for releasing the names of undercover CIA operatives? To say that’s a gross miscarriage of justice would imply the just-ness of our justice system.



Has it been sent to Bernie?


BoingBoing’s choice of stock photo to illustrate this story is fear mongering. Except 9 Jul 2015 when her cell was searched, Chelsea Manning has not been in solitary confinement since 20 Apr 2011. This stark picture (filename 01-solitary-confinement-cell.jpg.400x0_q85.jpg) is therefore not, as Cory Doctorow’s headline purports, “her cell in Leavenworth” from which Manning published a 129-page surveillance reform bill.


She does all this from a jail cell.

I’m a lazy, lazy bum.

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