Cher gave the best interview back in 1996

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Cher started her career 34 years ago at the age of 16. Get a pencil, add it up.

That’s not exactly a display of great confidence in your audience’s mental faculties.


Cher has appeared on CSPAN a few times and sometimes calls in to the “open phone” morning show Washington Journal. This one from early in the Permanent War Against Another Noun is especially touching:


She’s a queen

I can’t tell if it’s the VHS tracking, but Jane Pauley appeared to be grimacing quite a lot.

My favorite Cher moment: she guest-starred on Will & Grace a couple of times, and on one occasion while we were shooting, she forgot one of her lines repeatedly. She berated herself with a perfect “Shit, Cher!”


That’s stranger than Weird Al’s fake interview with Cher.

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