Chicken sleeping, not dead


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Spoiler alert!


So what the hell is his chicken’s job? And how much does it pay? And are there any job openings?


probably just tired and shagged out after a long squawk… maybe even pining for fjords

it really should wear a “I aten’t dead” sign when it does that…


So lazy, so tender and juicy.


The article title shoulda, coulda been:

E’s not dead, e’s restin’


No, that chicken wasn’t sleeping. It did not place itself on its back.
You can do that to any chicken. Laying them on their backs and slowly stroking them from beak to belly makes chickens fall into a stasis, trance, whatever.


The trick I learned as a kid was to put the chicken on its back, put your finger on the ground next to its eyes, and draw a line off into the distance. I wonder how many other ways there are to hypnotize a chicken?


Would this theoretically work on velociraptors?


I’d say if you can get a velociraptor to lie on its back you’ve got it made.



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