Chilling to the core: AI-generated "Screams of Hell"

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That laugh track is orders of magnitude more disturbing than the screaming.


Yeah, the laugh track is totally demonic, and yet, I did laugh a few times at it. That may be cause for concern.

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It IS a bit disturbing it seems to get screams right better than laughter…

Thank you for reminding me to purchase Deicide tickets next week.

So … someone messing around with a gibberish generator gets free coverage on Boing Boing?


Why would anyone bother to generate shitty screams and laughter from a so-called AI when you can buy a licence to a real recording for maybe £5?

Not only that, but some of those “screams” sound a lot like cheers.

I heard some chickens in the audience (or maybe other fowl)

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There is far to much tone in the screaming. I’m not a music person, but it’s like these are recorded from movies where a secondary orchestral track is being played behind the screams. Layering it only creates a tonality that feels out of place because it is too intense or modulates excessively.

A movie like 2001 does this type of orchestral build up and emotional charge far better than some type of AI clips layered together. Maybe give it another 5 or 10 years. If you want chilling to the core you should hear someone scream - a real scream of terror in real life. My father suffered from something like night terrors or vivid dreaming. He also liked to watch Discovery channel late at night, especially things on animals and remote tribal people. He told me of a “dream” he had. He was being chased though a jungle and emerged into a clearing. He was quickly surrounded by snake men, which had a human body and the head of a serpent. They were armed with spears. One threw the spear and impaled him.

Now roughly at this point, or right before, the vast majority of people wake up. My father does not. He feels the spear stab through him and lets out the most blood curdling scream I have ever heard - in real life just one room away. I’m pretty sure my heart rate and blood pressure would go off the chart when this happened.

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Those are the screams of those in creative endeavors watching people use “AI”-generated bullshit for their photos instead of actually paying real artists.

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