Chimeric, horrific, cuddly stuffed animals


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For the sensitive child in your life.


The Island of Dr. Moreau meets The Island of Misfit Toys.


“Hmmm. Sounds like an idea I can get behind.”


Holy shit - get out of my head…

In my RPG we had an NPC build a transmorgifier - which could enlarge creatures and then meld them together into abominations.

So they had crab bears - bears with crab arms and claws, Bull Scorpions - bulls with scorpion arms and claws attached at the shoulder and a scorpion tail, and a cult who paid the guy to make an avatar of their long dead elder god, Balcontar, who had an octopus head and tentacle beard, spider eyes, giant tentacles for arms, and a giant human body and legs.


I still favor Mandelbrot the Fractle Bear


That octo-gorilla wouldn’t work! An octopus’ mouth is on its underside, so it would be stuck biting its own esophagus.


I would pay money to see that movie. In 3-D.


He’s a badass fucking fractal!


B’wana Beast happily approves!

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