Chimpanzee wins art contest


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A Chimp Haven spokeswoman said Brent was unavailable for comment Thursday. "I think he's asleep," Ashley Gordon said.

A lot of artists like to say they don’t care what the critics say about their work, when most of the time they actually do care.

I think I can guarantee you Brent does not care what the critics say about his work.


Brent explores social and physical evolution, melding colors and textures representing current perception, overlaying hopes of the future and triumphs of the past. Through repetitive contrasts, Brent presents the viewer with the question “What are the differences between contemplation and experience?”.


I am very interested to see his earlier work, particularly the poop-smeared-on-wall pieces (what is referred to as his “Brown Period.”)


Maybe, maybe not…


Chimpanzee wins chimpanzee art contest.

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That does make quite a difference. Though, to be honest, the work is nice enough that I can think of some human art contests that he could have won.

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Caesar used Photoshop and was disqualified.


He is the greatest living chimpanzee artist

According to humans.

I like it well enough.

Actually, the contest was judged by chimpanzees, and one bonobo. You won’t believe how they communicated their findings!

Story at 6.

I’m apeshit over this!

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