China sets up anonymous snitch-line to report strippers at funerals


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Honestly, this rubs me all the right ways. This is hilarious!
Very Illuminatus, no? Watching a corpse, while a person (doesn’t matter if lover, or person who could not care less about who you are) rubs your naughty bits for you.
Who, who in their right mind could come out of this not existential-ly hemorrhaged? So good.


This is why I reckon KPIs are fucken stupid.


For funerals where folks like having more than one stiff in the room…


Off to revise my will.


is china still ruled by old men, or have they moved on to some other out of touch demographic?


Five troupes of exotic funeral dancers have been detained in Donghai county, Jiangsu Province.

I want to frame this sentence.


strippers at funerals

Good line for a love song.


Ditto! Sounds like fun. For the living.

Apparently in Taiwan a hole is cut into the coffin so that the dead can have a final peep show. Glory Hole Coffin? (Yet another great band name no?)

“Since the 1980s, many rural Taiwanese have had strippers at their funerals. The dead like to have fun. They liked strippers while alive and so they get strippers after they’ve died—with a hole cut in the coffin so they can peek out at the girls as they doff their clothes.”

The tradition is not limited to female strippers as Drag Queens have been getting in on the fun too:


Totally read that as “snatch-line” at first…


I’m not necessarily shocked that this is a thing in China.

I’m more shocked, after some reflection, that it’s not a thing in Texas.


Of course you need to stop it now… I mean everyone will want one and then there will be a market crash of stripper services.



The patriarchy hurts men too. /deadpan.


For Pastafarians, strippers and beer are traditional.


In TV land Florida, it’s a thing:


I think I’ll just stick with my plans for a bagpiper. Scares away the evil spirits.


BRB starting my funeral gig software platform, Strippr.


There is nothing about a bagpiper which precludes him from also being a stripper. :wink:


Actually… Is a crowdsourced stripper app a thing? I’ll be honest, I’m sure it is but I don’t want to check.