China to US over hacking charges: you are a 'mincing rascal'


Do they mean that the rascally US cuts meat or vegetables into very small pieces, or that we walk with small light steps in an affectedly dainty way? Neither seems appropriate to me. Maybe something was lost in translation.

I think that it has something to do with the fact that the chopped stuff is put into a pot that has turned black from years of use… China may or may not be a kettle in this idiom.




It scares me that (grammar and diction aside) I cannot disagree with PRC propaganda.

This must be how the other half of the US felt when Tina Fey made fun of Palin by quoting her nearly verbatim. Speaking-the-truth as condemnation.

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Thems fightin’ words!


And you are a foppish jackanape! Good day, Sir!


Is mincing rascal above or below running dog?

I believe this is what they meant but I’m not sure why:

To suppress or weaken the force of; to extenuate; to palliate; to tell by degrees, instead of directly and frankly; to clip, as words or expressions; to utter half and keep back half of.

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