China: Wuhan virus death toll rises to at least 630

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The number of deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus now stands at 630, China state media reports today.

Sooo…multiply that by 10?


I assume Xeni is posting from the Global Times so that we know that a couple of things are not true? Doesn’t seem particularly useful.


Noticed a lot of cheap flights to mainland China right now.


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Now’s the time!

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I’ve been more focused on the log scale graphs, and they definitely show that things are getting worse less quickly than before. So long as the quarantine in Hubei Province holds, I think the rest of the world has dodged a bullet on a pandemic. If there are small numbers of cases, we have the facilities in industrialized countries to treat people in isolation rooms with ventilators, and few people will die.

But, this achievement will likely mainly be due to the herculean effort undertaken by the Chinese government to stop the movement of people in their country until the epidemic there is under control. Quarantines can work.


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