Chris Christie blames 20-year heroin epidemic on Obama

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“Obama did it”, How original…

PS. We knew as Americans that the GOP~TE@B@GGER freak show was going to be good this election cycle, but this has surpassed all that was previously possible, and it’s going to get better still !


Dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!


Question: Will Chris Christie have a heart attack before the GOP primary or after?


Yeah … modern America would never elect a fat guy


I wish Christie would give it up and go where his antics would be truly appreciated. Go take on Jon Shucking and Jiving Jerseyite Stewart into the Squared Circle.

Now that would be some pay-per-view, baby!

Christie knows he has no chance of actually being elected, so he can say anything he wants…


Live during a debate for everyone to see.
( One can only hope )

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That’s the betting equivalent for a penny landing on it’s edge (instead of heads or tails).
But an option non-the-less.

I think blaming Obama is the least stupid thing he’s saying. Buying into the latest heroin hysteria and characterizing a voluntary action (the negative effects of which are primarily prohibition-caused) as an epidemic is the real original foundation of idiocy without which other idiocies could not be built.

I can think of no one more truly representative of the people :hamburger: :fries: :pizza:

The guy who’s under investigation by the FBI is presenting himself as the law-and-order candidate.


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