Chris Christie's bizarre transgender bathroom / terrorism bloviation

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“I cannot wait for the Bridegate trial to begin in April.”


One of the big aspects of being a kid is being confused all the time. That’s how you learn stuff.


I am disappointed Bridegate is a typo and not a new scandal.


MSNBC has you covered!
so does NBC! (warning: autoplay video)

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"Life is confusing enough right now for our children. Think about those kids in Los Angeles who last week had their entire district closed because of a threat. Think about what they felt like the next day when they went back to school. Did they feel completely comfortable knowing Crazy Christie runs a state and is trying to run the country, did they feel like they were safe? How did their mothers and fathers feel when they sent them to school that day?”


We’ve had this argument in California, where the state and the bigots just announced they hadn’t gotten enough signatures to put an anti-trans measure on the ballot.

Their usual implied argument is that any horny high school boy is going to be able to say “I’m feeling trans today so I’ll use the girls’ locker room, heh heh.” While this may be an accurate characterization of many high school boys, it doesn’t reflect reality at all.

Reality is that any kid who wants to come out as trans is going to have to tell the administration they’re trans, probably get notes from their parents and doctors, and start dressing and acting as their preferred gender full-time, and the typical American high school is way too homophobic for almost anyone to do that unless they’re really serious about it. (Yes, being trans isn’t the same as being gay, but homophobes bash them all.) The kid’s going to have to be really brave just to be using the converted-for-non-gender-specific-use teachers’ bathroom instead of their regular one.


In a truly prudish society, it is unnecessary to have gender segregated bathrooms. Because you don’t get naked in front of anybody, whether they are the same gender as you or not. I am writing this while sitting in my office. In a third world asian country. :smile:

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Then you grow out of it and become a big, mature republican, and never learn anything ever again.

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