Chris Hemsworth is going to be spending longer in makeup now

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Reboot, or actual sex change?

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That seems kinda weird really. If Thor is no longer worthy to wield Mjolnir, then sure, have someone else use it. But why would she take on his name then? It’s not like Thor is his superhero alias, it’s his actual name. That’d be like if Nick Fury retired, Maria Hill took over as director, then changed her name to Nick Fury.

This seems like as good an opportunity as ever to use that old joke:


Another genius move by Marvel one day before Comic-Con starts. They now own the Comic-Con narrative - at least the top story:

Yeah, that part does seem odd. It’s not like there are any shortage of strong female characters in Norse mythology. What about Freyja? She has a shape-shifting battle boar large enough to ride and a chariot drawn by two cats. It’s like she was made for the internet age.

But if they did that no-one would care. This way they get lots of column inches and publicity.

I mean, does anyone really care about the Thor comic book series? This raises its profile, at least for a while, a la Doc Ock as Spider-Man.

How long until we see articles emphasizing the shittier comments of the inevitable backlash while ignoring the legitimate “Wait…what? Why would she take on his name?” comments?

I think Thor is now identifying as a woman.

He’s just a sweet transvestite
from transexual

It’s not like it’s the first time Thor has done this though.


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