Chris Hemsworth thinks it's time to take Thor in a new direction

As muc has it’s fun to watch him act, maybe it’s time to simply let Thor be done at the 4th movie? It wasn’t a bad movie, but it didn’t have the standing power the 3rd did, despite still being better than the 2nd one. I enjoyed it and I still found it highly forgettable.

Instead, like others have said let’s go to the rest of the mythology - Throg. Beta Ray Bill. The Warriors Three. Any of that has plenty of Marvel comics to crib ideas from and then put on a screen.

I don’t think the Thor franchise makes it, but now I’m curious which of the superhero franchises totals 15 hours, and how they’d do played end to end. :thinking:

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THOR Love and Thunder. It was almost as if the producers pushed for streams of constant snappy-clever-funny dialogue [Producer X: "You guys ever see Casablanca! Yes?! Loved it! Work it like that!!] and the writers came back with what they thought was snappy-clever-funny dialogue, but was, in fact, garbage…although they may still not see it that way.

Thanos and End Game jumped the shark! How are they going to have more than 50% of the universe in danger?

50% of just one, singular universe? That’s nothing. Haven’t you seen the profound threats to the Multiverse that were shown in the What If series and the Loki show?

I guess eventually they need to have some kind of threat to the omniverse. According to They Might Be Giants there’s only one of those.


Ya I’ve seen (and liked Loki) but that is for people going deep on the marvel universe, the theatrical releases are not nearly as deep and need to stay at that singular universe that most watchers will ‘get’.

I’m kind of tired of every movie having such high stakes anyway. The central story in Ant-Man and the Wasp was really about trying to save just one person (Janet van Dyne) but it still managed to feel engaging.

There was also a good line from a character in the Ms. Marvel show quoting/paraphrasing the Quran: “If you save one life, you save the world.”


Yeah, I think there is level of Climax Fatigue. Where the big bad and stakes go up and up and you miss earlier stories where some scrappy heroes are dealing with more mundane threats.

I think Andor was a nice in that we had 3 build ups and pay offs, but none of them were purely galaxy changing (they were small events in the chain.)


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