Thor: Ragnarok - full trailer


I may get fired cuz I’ve watched this 5 times in a row already…

Blanchet! Karl Urban! Jeff Goldblum!

Vote for Taika Watititi to direct all movies for the next decade.

Thor: Ragnarok gets a bonkers teaser trailer

O, be still mine beating heart!

I have been enjoying how different the Thor movies are from each other, and this appears to be another interesting direction.


Taika says the inspiration for this movie was Big Trouble in Little China.


I would say that that’s a very good sign, indeed!


The…uh…(non-designer here)…TRON font/graphics from the 80s are enough to get me riled, and HFS playing “The Immigrant Song”…yeah, that’s one hell of a trailer.

One other thing: Ever since the following scene, I’ve been more than eager to witness Miz Blanchett let slip the dogs of war:

All Shall Love Me And Despair!!!

I do, Cate, OMG I do


Right? That is some hella good casting!

Also, there’s a 1-second peek at Karl Urban, and I’d watch him paint walls.


Throws money at computer screen.


I’ll be watching for the Viking Kitten cameo.




Just when I’d sworn off superhero flicks…


Just this last one…


There’s a lot to like in that trailer. Lot to like.
Oh yes.

(shades of Guardians of the Galaxy for anybody else?)


I feel like it did GotG better than GotG did… and they weren’t even trying?
Gotta say, did not expect to be this excited for a Thor movie. (literally don’t remember the 2nd one, had to look it up)



Man. And he finally doesn’t have to wear the wig. I’ll be he was pretty excited about that bit.


That’s what happened to me the first time I proposed and tried to slip through an engagement ring.


Does look hella fun though. Where the hell has hulk been? I want to see that story; planet hulk film perhaps?


I smell reaction gif for something that’s supposed to be horrifying but is actually something you really want.

As for this being ‘guardians of the galaxy 1.5’ sure fine why not? The thor movies are the weakest link in the MCU chain Why not spice Thor up a bit by also hyping for a hulk movie with a little bit of a cross linking?


I wasn’t expecting the “Planet Hulk” crossover. Looks like more fun than the last Thor movie.


I heard the plot for this movie was basically Planet Hulk + Buddy road trip.

Hela doesn’t even need magic, she’s just CHEWING the scenery to bits. I love it.


That sounds like a lot more fun than a straight up “Planet Hulk” adaptation; Hulk-minus-Bruce-Banner just doesn’t do it for me. Plus it looks like they’ve embraced the inherent silliness of the concept a-la Guardians of the Galaxy which is the main advantage the Marvel movies have over DC’s offerings.


I actually got quite excited for the Wonder Woman trailer. It looks like a really good movie. But yeah, I like my superhero movies to be fun, not Super Grimdark Serial. (disclaimer: I will go see Aquaman no matter what it looks like because I love Aquaman and I don’t care)