Thor: Ragnarok gets a bonkers teaser trailer


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This looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.


You have no idea how happy I am that I got to use this gif again.


wait… I thought Led Zeppelin never licenses their music for movies?


Some youngster on another site this was posted on asked who did the song used in the trailer. Maybe the owners of the rights decided it was time to get a new audience.


This is at least the third trailer I’ve seen in the last month that uses Zeppelin. I think euansmith is right on the money. Lots and lots of money.


Asgardians of the Galaxy.


School of Rock I believe was the first film Led Zeppelin allowed to use their music, but I seem to remember that it was an exception the band made at the time. Obviously things have changed a lot now. Cameron Crowe desperately wanted to use “Stairway to Heaven” in Almost Famous but the band turned him down, I bet he was pissed when he heard their music in School of Rock.


i believe Jimmy Page has softened his stance on that sort of thing. i won’t be so cynical to say it’s all about the money… i do think he’s just given in to the inevitability of it all.


I said in the other Thor thread, in case you didn’t see that, the inspiration for this movie is Big Trouble in Little China.
And damn, am I ever here for that!


I can’t believe that’s Cate Blanchett. She looks awesome.

Well I suppose she always does but she looks awesome in a particular way I’ve never seen before. Maybe it’s just the jet black hair but whatever it is it’s awesome.


That was the third time I’ve watched the trailer, and I finally went to see what part Cate was playing because I did not recognize her.

Looks good.


Page is a retiree now. Papa’s gotta pay for those snakeskin golf pants.


If Led Zeppelin was ever going to sell out by licensing that song they couldn’t have found a more appropriate property to sell out for.


They broke the seal over a decade ago.


I didn’t realise Christopher Eccleston was in The Dark World until the end credits.


I didn’t realize Benicio Del Toro was in The Dark World until the end credits.


I didn’t know there was going to be a BTiLC influence - consider me SOLD and SOLD again!

Thor as Jack Burton? I could live with that.


yeah that train has sailed a long time ago