Chris Matthews retires

Just announced this is his last show as “younger people are ready to take the reigns.” After conversation with msnbc management. Well, thats interesting.

And he just left! Leaving them to figure out how to fill the hour. Wow, that is an exit!


you think it was the sanders comments? or him just generally being disgusting all the time with belching and farting?

he did have cancer, I mean that never goes away completely, hope he has healthcare

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Or perhaps over the last few weeks of some gaffes he realized he simply isn’t capable of this anymore. I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt that he perhaps had some self realization of his limits.






LOL no they aren’t. Younger people don’t give a damn about TV news, nor should they.

Right on.

Politics isn’t a sport, the presidential election isn’t a two-year horse race, and the only people who think that they are are the political class who have nothing to lose no matter who gets elected to which office. But for the rest of us, it isn’t a sport, it isn’t a fucking game, it’s real shit. You don’t get to pick a team, you vote for the people who (probably… maybe) won’t screw you over and then stay on them to make sure they don’t.

Rah Rah Team Red and Rah Rah Team Blue are about as irrelevant to today’s politics as TV news is.


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