Christian family band who sang about End Times arrested after deadly gunfight in Arizona Walmart parking lot

Fyi, that’s an rv, not a van. Completely different mental imagery…

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O Lord, protect us from your followers.

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They’re all stepping up to the Antichrist Cabal Bike And Pike Club in the parking lot, going ‘oh no, this is my confident peace within a Palahniuk or Petzold Novel, I will not be outgrooved.’ And then it was revealed to them a sign, that the R701 headphones with no midtone port were in use, and it was as though one of the less particular Angels was at that moment already reordering .640 short vermin load, and that this moment’s safety walkaround did call for ready carry with all the Fs forsaken.

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You sound upset about these Jews. Have you told Eliza about them? She can be very understanding.

edit: just teasing the hatespammer!

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