Christian bookstore puts anti-Christian quote in window


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I wonder if the proprietors get along with their neighbors, Juicy’s Vapor Lounge.

Jesus was a “vaper”, indeed.



They probably didn’t get the sarcasm of the quote, and just saw the words “cure”, “Christianity” and “Bible” and thought it meant “reading the Bible is a cure-all.”

I’ve known some people who were part of this uber-Christian culture, the kind of people who only listen to Christian music, pray at the drop of a hat, and all have a framed “footprints in the sand” poster and little praying hands statues in their homes. They didn’t always get sarcasm.


Maybe they see it as a challenge. Either way they are selling you a book.

Don’t know why they would have any particular kind of relationship with the vape shop. Christian culture does not seem pro or anti nicotine or vaping.


Back when I still had a facebook, a lot of my former acquaintances put something like “follower of Jesus” as their religion. It seemed like, at least for a brief moment, it was kind of gauche to put your religion as Christianity. Even though all of them totally were. And fundies too. Mostly.

I think the bookstore probably meant “the best cure for ‘religiousity’ or ‘legalism’ is reading the bible” instead of the way atheists mean it when they say it.

Not to be unfair to my former acquaintances, but calling themselves “followers of Jesus” didn’t actually prevent them from being fundamentalist in any sense of the word.

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“Just because some jackass is an atheist doesn’t mean that his prophets and gods are any less false.” - J.R. “Bob” Dobbs


Perhaps they honestly have no idea how vehemently anti-Christian Mark Twain was. They just remember him as the author of a book about some cool kids floating down a river.


I find the word “juicy” to be slightly revolting. That is all.


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obviously they’re just selling blank bibles. you know, for your coffee table or the drawer in the guest room for when the in laws come to visit.
bibles never meant to be read, only present.


Not a fan of A Clockwork Orange, then?


Kansas. There’s a state I hope not to make it back to.

/me shudders


It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!


Bigger than Pluto. I for one welcome our new dwarf planet overlords…where were we?



I view prayer as akin to making wishes or casting spells. What an interesting god they have, who changes his unfathomable, perfect plans if they express some need or wish. You’d think an omnipotent and omniscient power would already have foreseen and provided for all needs. What’s the significance of us little earthlings begging for things?


You’re being too charitable, they simply didn’t understand the quote, there’s no sarcasm to misinterpret.


I can imagine them realizing they need a new quote for the “inspiration slab” in the window and doing a quick Google search… “quotes about Christianity and Bible”… oh, one from Mark Twain, let’s use it!

Having had friends who refused to listen to any music that didn’t come from a Christian Bookstore (“it could be Satan-tainted”), I know how that kind of weird tunnel vision works.