Christian family band who sang about End Times arrested after deadly gunfight in Arizona Walmart parking lot


My googling skills have not turned up any of their recordings. It’s probably terrible of me, but I want to hear them SO MUCH after reading a crazy story like that.

Edit: Also - what kind of pre-apocalypse band doesn’t post SOMETHING on YouTube? How are they going to to tell the masses about the second coming on a grocery store by grocery store basis? It’s simple marketing people!

Faces of reactionary dogma.

Christian meth: not even once.


Goddam Christians, comin’ over here’n’stealin’ our crazies’ jobs.


I guess it was the End Times for them.


It ain’t exactly the Partridge Family…

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In the endtimes, your van is not at WalMart… your van is… down… by… the river


There aren’t really a lot of non-deadly gunfights…

Well, you have to get the word out before the Romans sack Jerusalem, destroy the Temple, and enslave anyone who can’t escape.


So… this isn’t terrorism? Seems to me if there was a brown person involved it would be labeled as such and the media would be doing backflips spouting off about it.


unless you’re 50 cent… in which case they all are! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit a cop with a bullet so they could become one hit wonders.

That’s now how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

They’re Christians, not some religious whacko cultists following a false prophet!


It amazes me how many religious nuts have no real idea of what “apocalypse” even means. It doesn’t have anything to do with catastrophe and the end of the word. Apocalypse basically means “secret visions”, how you were suddenly able to see what nobody else could see in an immediate, reality-shaking way. It is a mystical state, and is the end of the world for you, as you’ve known it to be. People who simply follow a religion without practicing it don’t really know what they’re talking about, and have no business pushing people around based upon misunderstanding other people’s mysticism.

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Don’t mess with them
They’re a buch of crazy mofos
They had to pop a cop
Cause he wasn’t giving them their props in Suntown

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This doesn’t end here.

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Meth at its’ best and that ain’t the whiskey talking.

For it is written, they fought the law and the law won.

This story has the red state trifecta: God, guns, and Wal-Mart. Once you mention those three, what else is there to say?